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Touch The Bus

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iCoolsoft iPod Touch Video Converter
iCoolsoft iPod Touch Video Converter is specially designed for you to convert videos to iPod Touch format so that you can easily enjoy any video with your iPod Touch conveniently. The supported input formats cover almost all popular audio and ...
October 13th 2011 Shareware    9,351k
D-Bus is a message bus system, a simple way for applications to talk to one another. In addition to interprocess communication, D-Bus helps coordinate process lifecycle; it makes it simple and reliable to code a "single instance" application or daemon, ...
March 20th 2011 Freeware    1,536k
Touch Screen Keyboard
Touch Screen Keyboard was developed especially for touch screen devices: touch screen monitors, stationary e-kiosks, tablets and others. Touch Screen Keyboard has two main layouts that can be quickly switched using a special button: alphabetic and alpha-numeric. If you press ...
April 13th 2013 Shareware    4,086k
Best Touch Alarm Security - For iPod & i
Use alarm on your iPhone/ipod/ipad when in public or also to catch those sneaky friends and family who try to peek into your iPhone when you're away. What really happens when you're in the shower, sleeping, or just away from ...
April 27th 2013 Freeware    1,024k
Bus Driver's Math
Check if you are an eligible bus driver by calculating the Bus Driver's Math! Your task in this game is to calculate whether the passengers have paid enough money for the bus fare. Each time when the passengers would like ...
April 26th 2013 Freeware    256k
Ulysses III
*I can*t recommend it enough.* a€” Ben Brooks *Lives up to its hype.* a€” CultOfMac *Incredibly Impressive.* a€” Beautiful Pixels Ulysses III is a brand-new writers* environment from the Soulmen a€” the fine folks that brought you Daedalus Touch ...
September 18th 2013 Shareware     
DTgrafic Bus Stop 3
This interactive cartoon screensaver portrays life at a bus stop, which changes according to the time of day and the season of the year. Adjustable day/dusk/night and summer/winter. The designs of the bus, suburban railway and the lorry can be ...
June 11th 2004 Shareware    12,193k
Photo Toucher
Photo Toucher enables you to touch the beautiful photos or image objects with hand and create fantastic warping animations. It generates realistic warping effects of the touched image object, even with funny ink effects from the hand. You can easily ...
October 18th 2007 Shareware  5 stars 2,158k
iCalMaker is a text based appointment creation tool for use with iCal or to create appointment files. Using iCalMaker it is possible: to use an 'intelligent' import of appointment data from the clipboard; to import appointments from tab and comma ...
June 7th 2011 Shareware    819k
Touch The Moon Screen Saver
A beautiful scene of the moon reflection shimering on the lake. The moon has a desktop clock in it. The water moves on your screen. Serene music plays in the background. You can shut the sounds off.
January 2nd 2011 Shareware    1k
Kids Song Machine + 10 songs
The best gift for your children: KIDS SONG MACHINE! A fun musical application, that is both stimulating and educational, it*s guaranteed to keep your children entertained for hours. It is the perfect toy to share unforgettable moments with the ...
February 13th 2013 Shareware    35,328k
Papapapaya is the new and effective way to learn vocabulary. ======================== TRY OUT FOR FREE WITH "PAPAPAPAYA LITE" ======================== To get you started, Papapapaya includes BASIC THEMATIC VOCABULARIES for FRENCH, GERMAN and ENGLISH with over 600 WORDS each. <br ...
January 17th 2013 Shareware    922k
CTA Bus Tracker Widget
CTA Bus Tracker Widget lets you view estimated arrival times for selected CTA bus routes. Now, with the Bus Tracker Widget for Mac OS X, it's easier than ever to know when the next bus will be arriving at your ...
December 9th 2012 Freeware    205k
The Recipe Processor 2000 VR
New for 8.2 - Healthy Ingredient Substitution from user expandable database! The Recipe Processor 2000 VR is a feature full recipe management program. Enter and manage individual recipes. Search through recipes by name, category, sub category, ingredient, directions, nutrition, or ...
May 24th 2013 Shareware    3,615k
SourceUSB 3.41.0 Build
A Host Side USB Analyzer SourceUSB is a software-only USB analysis tool. It is installed on a Windows operating system as a kernel-mode driver and user-mode application. The analyzer driver coexists with the Windows USB driver stack. Since USB is ...
March 11th 2013 Shareware    10,834k
Autumn [AD]
"Autumn" - Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful wallpaper? Just have a look at Animated Desktop Wallpaper "Autumn"! The autumn forest is beautiful. The leaves, which used to be green, change their colour ...
February 10th 2013 Shareware    7,240k
Autumn - Animated Wallpaper
"Autumn" - Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful wallpaper? Just have a look at Animated Desktop Wallpaper "Autumn"! The autumn forest is beautiful. The leaves, which used to be green, change their colour ...
January 8th 2013 Shareware    6,963k
Stardom: The A-List
Can you reach the A-List? Schmooze, flirt, lie, fight - and maybe even work - your way to STARDOM! From getting off the bus as a nobody to accepting an award as an international superstar, get rich and ...
November 21st 2013 Freeware    419,676k
Ever try to size a window so it just touches the edge of the screen? It's tedious (at least for me). FreeSnap allows you to instantly size any window edge to the corresponding screen edge. Want that window to touch ...
November 16th 2002 Freeware  5 stars 128k
Fractal Morphing Screen Saver
Fractal Morphing Screen Saver is a screen saver for Windows. Fractals fascinate us with their beauty and attractiveness. And as to morphing it emphasizes it to a great extent. According to many people's opinion fractals produce a soothing and relaxing ...
February 20th 2007 Shareware    245k
Egyptian Baccarat
Egyptian Baccarat transfers you into the past of Egypt. The pyramids provoke an admiration and the classical constructions make you feel a visitor in the temple of Gods. The game acquaints you with one of its inhabitants. He offers you ...
December 5th 2004 Shareware    1,562k
Crystal Path
The dwellers of the fairy land are happy to greet you in their beautiful country, where they have prepared for you lots of challenging puzzles. You'll travel through the country's mysterious paths, covered with crystals of many colours and shapes. ...
July 26th 2005 Shareware    7,319k
Flaredance Firework Screensaver
It could be one more firework, just one in a row of tens - boring, similar, sparkling and flashing toy... But NO! It is really something different! Just install this work of art and you will be immediately immersed into ...
December 4th 2005 Shareware    2,422k
deset Pocket Video Maker Mobile Edition
deset Pocket Video MakerTM - Mobile Edition 2.0 is the program to create movies in best von picture and audio quality for Symbian Smartphones with Realplayer One or Windows Mobile Smartphones with Microsoft operating system.

Whole movies in full length ...
December 17th 2005 Shareware    66,644k
Areas of Use

# PCI device detection for PCs
# vendor and device names in plain text
# displaying PCI configuration data
# detecting PCI resource conflicts

New in version 1.5:

# Storing PCI data to floppy disk
# 1634 ...
July 12th 2006 Freeware  5 stars 1,055k
A plus DVD to iPod Ripper
Are you dying to wacth DVD movies on your iPod? Already have great numbers of DVD movies you want to play on your iPod? No Problem. Aplus DVD to iPod Ripper helps you easily convert them to a format that ...
September 14th 2006 Shareware    3,645k
FingerAuth Password Manager
Have you ever been stuck in front of your Mozilla Firefox wondering which password you used on a website? Do you have a Post-it note on your monitor with all of your Internet passwords because they're all too complicated to ...
October 28th 2007 Commercial    2,112k
Easy Invoicing UK for Microsoft Access
Easy Invoicing UK is not a stock control Database, but a simple, easy to use, order processing and invoice application designed to work on the Microsoft Access 2000 (or higher) or Microsoft Windows platform. Ideal for Small or Home Business, ...
July 26th 2007 Demo    1,001k
4Easysoft DVD to iPod Converter
4Easysoft DVD to iPod Converter is one professional and dazzling DVD iPod Converter, which owns the ability to convert DVD to iPod, DVD to iPod nano, DVD to iPod classic, DVD to iPod touch, DVD to iPod touch 4 compatible ...
December 22nd 2011 Shareware    7,700k
SnowFox iMedia Transfer for Mac
SnowFox iMedia Transfer for Mac is an excellent iMedia transfer for Mac users. With it, you could transfer iPod video, music, movie, podcast, tv show to your mac computer, copy your iPod files to iTunes fully compatible with iTunes 10.1 ...
February 1st 2011 Shareware    6,039k
Related Scripts
Touch-My-Ads is a powerful PHP traffic application using MySQL database that can increase your web traffic. You can launch successful advertising campaigns for your online services with a display notifying not to touch the ads. There are several enhanced features ...
December 6th 2005 Commercial     
Create Bus Data for Models with Root-Level Bus Inputs
A common task in Simulink is to test a certain component of a larger model. With large-scale modeling, such componentization is often accomplished through the use of model reference. These large models also often use bus signals to organize large ...
March 11th 2013 Freeware    10k
Exporting Bus creator bus definitions to Bus objects
Very often we create Busses in Simulink blocks that later need to be treated more seriously with Busobjects.Here there is an example for doing the Bus Object automatically from the block definition without using Bus editor manually.
March 10th 2013 Shareware    20k
Software Bus
The software bus tries to implement an architecture known from several hardware buses in software. It offers a new concept of building applications as each part can be seen as a module on the bus.
April 17th 2013 Freeware     
Building .NET Components and Controls for ASP+
This tutorial focusses its complete vision towards ASP+. The author describes the role of components to built an ASP+. The detailed description about how ASP+ involves the components to create all webpages. The article guides the users about selecting when ...
December 11th 2005 Freeware     
C# Error Handling
As errors are the most common in web application, the error handling is also very important task for the webmasters. The user should understand the reason for the errors and atonce it is to be rectified. The author tells that ...
December 13th 2005 Freeware     
Ecommerce Templates
Ecommerce Templates is both a Unix and Linux compatible program that has full online control panel for simple admin management, can dynamically populate product pages without the need to touch the database, has simple process for adding / modifying / ...
December 4th 2005 Commercial     
EIGHT automatically generates a gallery list for you just by creating new gallery directories. Each gallery index list is created by uploading thumbnails loaded into the gallery directory. It links the images up so it's easy to browse through the ...
December 13th 2005 Freeware     
ImageChain is an online game that has been designed using java applet. To start a new game, users have to press the 'new' button. In this game, the player has to move the chains using the arrow keys. When they ...
December 10th 2005 Commercial     
In Quizz you can choose a fixed set of questions or generate a random set of questions,- group questions together and ask questions from a selected group,- embed the quiz in the middle of other HTML pages,- for each question ...
December 18th 2005 Freeware     
Related Code
34 new fonts, all converted from the Amiga
34 new fonts, all converted from the Amiga
February 23rd 2006     75k
Advanced On the Fly button creator
This code will draw a button image based on what you specify for the image properties.
March 5th 2006     4k
The Sky Is Falling
The point of the game is to catch the apples as the fall from the sky. Catch 10 to win. The controls are simple. Left Arrow - Move Left, Right Arrow - Move Right, Escape Key - Quit. Please vote ...
March 12th 2006     7k
Change the Case of Characters on Sreen
This programme is done only by use of pointers. It direct access V.D.U.(Visual Display Unit) Memory and change its contents i.e. change the case.
March 13th 2006     1k
A C++ implementation of the Levenshtein Distance
The "Levenshtein distance" is a measure of the similarity between two strings, this algorithm is also refered to as "edit distance". The "Levenshtein distance" was named after the russian scientist "Vladimir Levenshtein", who has discovered it back in 1965. The ...
March 16th 2006     19k
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